Afternoon menu

To be served with your coffee/tea
Apple cake - € 4,50
Cheese cake - € 4,50

High Tea price per person € 12,50
Tea service, sandwich salmon, sandwich cheese with tomato and cucumber,
sandwich au choco, eclaire, marshmallow’s, apple cake and petit four.

High Wine price per person € 19,50
3 glasses of house wine (red, white or rosé) at your choice, marinated olives,
old aged and young aged cheese, bruschetta tomato, sandwich salmon, flammkuchen and cheesesticks.

High Beer price per person € 19,50
2 Heineken Classic draft beer and 1 bottled beer at your choice, nachos
(with jalapeños, cheddar, sour cream, guacamole and salsa dip), hot wings, spare ribs and bitterballs.

To be ordered at the latest until 17.00 hour.
For allergy information, guests can contact the serving staff.